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Blush and Bloom: A Delicate Rose Bouquet

Indulge in the delicate charm of this rose bouquet, featuring a delightful mix of soft peach and classic pink tones.

The Roses:

  • 5 stunning baby peach roses, symbolizing innocence, new beginnings, and admiration.
  • 15 classic pink roses, representing love, affection, and gratitude.
  • 5 elegant white roses, adding a touch of purity and timeless beauty.


  • Delicate gypsophila (baby’s breath) adds a touch of airiness and romance.
  • Single ruscus sprigs provide a touch of greenery and subtle texture.

This enchanting bouquet is perfect for:

  • A romantic gesture
  • A symbol of new beginnings
  • A thoughtful birthday gift
  • Bringing a touch of elegance to any occasion

With its charming color palette and delicate accents, this “Blush and Bloom” bouquet is sure to leave a lasting impression.

  • Baby rose peach 5
  • Pink roses 15
  • White roses 5
  • Gypso and single Ruscos


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