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Bountiful Basket of Blooms: A Celebration of Color

Overflowing with vibrant hues and delightful textures, this basket arrangement is a guaranteed showstopper!

The Basket:

A charming  basket  provides a sturdy base for the vibrant blooms.

The Flowers:

  • 10 Mathiola sprigs, also known as Stock, fill the basket with their delicate fragrance and feathery blooms, symbolizing affection and remembrance.
  • 6 vibrant orange roses add a burst of sunshine and energy, representing enthusiasm and fascination.
  • 4 baby peach roses bring a touch of softness and innocence, symbolizing new beginnings and admiration.
  • 5 Eustoma, also known as Lisianthus, add a touch of elegance with their delicate beauty and romantic symbolism.
  • 5 Austromelia flowers, with their unique star-shaped blooms and vibrant colors, provide a touch of the exotic.
  • 5 pink roses complete the arrangement with a classic touch of love and appreciation.

This basket arrangement is perfect for:

  • A birthday celebration
  • A get-well gesture
  • A housewarming gift
  • Bringing joy and vibrancy to any occasion

With its overflowing abundance and delightful mix of colors and textures, this “Bountiful Basket of Blooms” is sure to brighten any day

  • Basket 1
  • Mathiola 10
  • Orange roses 6
  • Baby Red rose peach 4
  • Eustoma 5
  • Austromelia 5
  • Pink roses 5


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