Women’s Day Vase


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Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of this awe-inspiring arrangement, featuring a stunning mix of blooms presented in a tall, elegant glass vase.

A Symphony of Colors:

  • 3 White Delphinium: Towering with their elegant spikes, these white delphinium symbolize new beginnings, hope, and purity.
  • 6 Pink Gerberas: Bursting with sunshine and cheer, these vibrant pink blooms represent happiness, innocence, and admiration.
  • 2 Pink Anthuriums: These unique heart-shaped flowers, also known as flamingo flowers, represent passion and excitement. Their pink hue adds a touch of romance.
  • 2 Hydrangeas (color unspecified): Large and fluffy, these blooms add a touch of fullness and classic beauty to the arrangement. Specify the hydrangea color (white, pink, blue, etc.) in your listing for a more complete picture.
  • 2 White Penolopsis (White Fountain Grass): Adding a touch of airy texture and movement, the white penolopsis complements the other blooms and softens the overall look.
  • 5 Stems Purple Eustoma (Lisianthus): Delicate and graceful, these blooms in shades of purple add a touch of elegance and represent gratitude and joy.

Presented in Grandeur:

  • Tall Glass Vase: The sleek, tall glass vase elevates the arrangement, showcasing the beauty of each bloom and creating a modern and sophisticated look.

This breathtaking arrangement is perfect for:

  • A grand gesture of love or appreciation
  • A birthday celebration for someone who deserves a statement piece
  • Bringing a touch of elegance and vibrancy to any occasion
  • As a centerpiece that will surely impress

With its captivating mix of colors, stunning presentation, and majestic blooms, the “Breathtaking Brilliance” arrangement is a guaranteed showstopper!

  • 3 Delphinium white
  • 6 gerbera pink
  • 2 anturium pink
  • 2 hydrengea
  • 2 cut flowers white penolopsis
  • Eustoma purple 5steam
  • Tall glass


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