Calm and Peach


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This breathtaking arrangement is a bold declaration, perfect for celebrating a momentous occasion or simply making a stunning impact.

The Roses:

  • 150 Red Roses: The centerpiece of this arrangement, the vibrant red roses symbolize passionate love, desire, and respect. Their sheer volume creates a truly impressive display.


  • 5 Baby Peach Roses: A touch of softness is added with these delicate blooms, symbolizing new beginnings and admiration. They provide a subtle contrast to the red roses.
  • 8 White Roses: Elegant and timeless, white roses add a touch of purity and innocence, softening the overall intensity of the red.
  • 5 Pink Roses: Classic symbols of love and affection, pink roses bridge the gap between the passionate red and the innocent white, creating a harmonious balance.
  • 2 Mathiola Sprigs: Delicate and fragrant, Mathiola, also known as Stock, adds a touch of sweetness and symbolizes affection and remembrance.
  • 2 Lilies: These majestic blooms provide a touch of elegance and sophistication. Their specific meaning can vary by color (white for purity, pink for affection, etc.) – be sure to specify the lily color in your product description for a more accurate representation.

This extraordinary arrangement is ideal for:

  • An anniversary celebration
  • A grand gesture of love or appreciation
  • A birthday for someone who deserves a truly unforgettable gift
  • Making a statement at a wedding or other special event

With its luxurious abundance and captivating color palette, the “Grandiose Grandeur” arrangement is a guaranteed showstopper!

  • Baby rose peach 5
  • Rose white 8
  • Pink roses 5
  • Mathiola 2
  • Lilies 2
  • Red roses 150


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