Pure Grace


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“Pure Grace” embodies elegance and purity with its refined selection of blooms and foliage:

  • Rose White Ohara: Known for its exquisite fragrance and creamy white petals, symbolizing grace and purity.
  • Eustoma Pink: Adds a soft and delicate touch with its pink hues, enhancing the bouquet’s elegance.
  • Anthurium Green Peach: Offers a unique contrast with its green leaves and peach-colored spathes, adding a tropical flair.
  • Alstroemeria White: Delivers a touch of freshness with its pristine white blooms and delicate patterned petals.
  • Eucalyptus: Provides a refreshing aroma and a textured green backdrop, complementing the floral arrangement.
  • Spray Rose Bombastic White: Adds a focal point with its full, white blooms, creating a sense of luxury and sophistication.

Perfect for expressing admiration, gratitude, or celebrating special moments, Pure Grace is ideal for both personal gifting and enhancing any space with its serene beauty.





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