Red Velvet Bouquet


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Introducing the “Red Velvet Bouquet”, a luxurious blend of rich colors and textures designed to captivate:

  • Red Dry Hydrangea: Adds a dramatic flair with its deep red hue, symbolizing passion and strength.
  • Coffee Latte Rose: Infuses warmth and sophistication with its creamy coffee-colored petals.
  • Rose Red Freedom: Offers classic elegance and romance with its vibrant red blooms.
  • Alstroemeria Purple: Adds a touch of royalty and mystery with its purple petals.
  • Eucalyptus Dry Red: Provides a striking contrast with its dried red leaves, adding texture and depth.
  • Limonium Light Purple: Enhances the bouquet with delicate light purple accents, perfect for a soft, harmonious touch.

The Red Velvet Bouquet is ideal for those seeking to make a bold statement or express deep emotions. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a gesture of love, this bouquet promises to leave a lasting impression.




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