Sunny Smiles


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“Sunny Smiles” radiates warmth and cheer with its vibrant and varied selection of blooms:

  • Gerbera Spider Orange: Bright and lively, these gerberas add a sunny touch with their striking orange petals.
  • Gerbera Pasta Carbonara: Delicate and creamy, these gerberas complement the orange with their unique pasta carbonara hue.
  • Gerbera Orange: Adding depth to the bouquet, these gerberas enhance the overall vibrancy with their rich orange tones.
  • Eustoma White: Known for their elegance, these white eustomas provide a soft contrast and a touch of sophistication.
  • Carnation Peach: Symbolizing admiration and gratitude, these peach carnations bring warmth and sweetness to the arrangement.
  • Eucalyptus: Adding a fresh and aromatic element, eucalyptus leaves provide texture and complement the blooms.
  • Statice: With its clusters of tiny purple or blue flowers, statice adds a delicate yet vibrant touch to the bouquet.

“Sunny Smiles” is perfect for brightening someone’s day, conveying joy and happiness, and celebrating special moments with its lively and cheerful composition.




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