Womens Day Box

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This vibrant and uplifting arrangement is a beautiful way to celebrate the incredible women in your life

The Box:

  • A beautiful square or rectangular box adds a touch of sophistication and allows for easy transport and display.

The Flowers:

  • 2 Pink Hydrangeas: Symbolizing gratitude, appreciation, and heartfelt emotions, these large, fluffy blooms set a joyful tone for the arrangement.
  • 5 Pink Gerberas: Representing cheerfulness, happiness, and admiration, these cheerful blooms add a burst of sunshine and positive energy.
  • 12 Pink Roses: The quintessential symbol of love, affection, and respect, these classic beauties form the heart of the arrangement, celebrating the strength and resilience of women.
  • 2 Lilies: These majestic blooms (color unspecified) add a touch of elegance and sophistication. Their specific meaning can vary by color (white for purity, pink for affection, etc.) – be sure to specify the lily color in your product description for a more accurate representation.
  • Accented with Greenery: Delicate greenery like ferns or eucalyptus fills the box, adding a touch of nature’s beauty and tying all the elements together harmoniously.

This empowering arrangement is perfect for:

  • Showing your appreciation for the women in your life
  • Sending a message of support and encouragement
  • Celebrating the achievements of a strong woman
  • Bringing a touch of joy and vibrancy to any Women’s Day celebration

With its vibrant colors and empowering message, the “Blooming Empowerment” box is a beautiful way to celebrate the amazing women in your life.

  • 2 hydrengea pink
  • 5 Gerbera pink
  • 12 pink roses
  • 2 lilies
  • 3 eustoma
  • Green


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