Floral Brick


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This contemporary arrangement features a single, captivating red rose nestled amongst a bed of soft-colored roses, all presented in a sleek square box.

The Roses:

  • 8 Roses (color unspecified): The color you choose for these roses can set the overall tone of the arrangement. Classic options include pink (love, affection), white (purity, innocence), or peach (admiration, new beginnings).
  • 1 Red Rose: The centerpiece of the arrangement, this single red rose stands out against the others, symbolizing passionate love, respect, and devotion.

The Box:

  • Square Box: The modern square box adds a touch of sophistication and complements the contemporary feel of the arrangement.

This unique design is perfect for:

  • A romantic gesture with a modern twist
  • An anniversary gift
  • A birthday celebration for someone who appreciates contemporary style
  • Sending a powerful message in a sleek and stylish package

With its captivating contrast and sleek presentation, the “Modern Marvel” arrangement is a guaranteed conversation starter!

  • 8 pcs roses
  • 1 red roses
  • Square box


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